We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in neurosciences, UX design, plain language and law, on a mission to foster user sovereignty.

Our vision

Empowering all users to make informed and free choices

Our legal innovation studio was created in 2018 after our founder researched dark patterns in her professional thesis at ENSCI. The first question that came to mind was “if dark patterns exist, then how do we create the opposite?”
5 innovation prizes later, some of our 80+ legal design projects have been recognized as setting new standards in human-centric legal documents, privacy-enhancing design and sustainable, inclusive contracts.

Building on these learnings, and always willing to “do better” and dig deeper, we created our R&D Lab in 2021. Our initial work led us to later rephrase our research question as “How to fight against dark patterns and foster the emergence and adoption of fair patterns?”

We firmly believe that digital economy should be at the service of humans – not the other way round. Our overarching mission is to foster user sovereignty and to help the world getting rid of dark patterns.

Organizations caring for their users

We serve all companies, public entities and organizations who want to know whether their existing sites or applications contain any dark patterns, or are creating new sites or applications and want to avoid creating any dark patterns. 

We also serve all designers, developers, digital marketers, product owners, lawyers who want to better understand how to spot dark patterns, remediate them and avoid creating any. 

Ultimately, we’re at the service of all online users who want to make their own, informed and free choices online.

Who we serve

Who we are

Marie Potel - Saville


Mathilde Da Rocha

Phd in cognitive Neurosciences
UX designer

Dominique Ashby

Expert in neuroscience
Founder Neuro@Work

Guillemette de Brabant

Head of Design

Pauline Lenfant

Senior project manager
Certified DPO

Scott LaMunyon

Senior Legal Counsel
Plain Language

Isabelle Vieux

Senior UX designer

Riccardo Musolesi

Head of Growth and Marketing

Bibin Ponnachan

Senior Product Designer

Senior advisors - Members of our Advisory Board

Isabelle Vieux

Senior UX designer

Dr. Harry Brignull

PhD in cognitive psychology and Game UX expert

Dr. Celia Hodent

PhD in cognitive psychology
and Game UX expert

Our clients