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What are the Basic Principles of UX and UI Design?

In the realm of digital interfaces, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are paramount. They determine how users interact with products and services, influencing satisfaction, usability, and ultimately, success. Understanding the basic principles of UX and UI design is crucial for creating intuitive, effective, and engaging digital experiences. This article delves into the core principles of UX and UI design, drawing insights from our Head of Design, Guillemette de Brabant.

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Five Tips to Avoid Dark Patterns in Your Consent Interfaces

As a digital marketer, legal director, or head of UX, you know that user consent for data collection is crucial. However, the design of consent interfaces can impact user trust and regulatory compliance. Dark patterns—deceptive design tactics—can invalidate consent, harm your brand, and incur fines. At FairPatterns, we advocate for fairness by design to ensure transparency and trust. Here are five tips to avoid dark patterns in your consent interfaces.

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Dark Patterns in Web Design: the Tricks and Why You Say Yes

In the world of web design, there’s a shadowy side known as dark patterns. These deceptive tactics manipulate user choices, exploiting cognitive biases. From subtle nudges to hidden traps, they ensnare unwitting users. But awareness leads to fair patterns — guiding lights in the digital realm.

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